UX Designer



using an all-in-one app
for morning workout success


I created a fitness/productivity app to help people prepare for their workouts. I interviewed three people to get an understanding of their current fitness routines and the obstacles they experience.


The fitness/productivity app should help people be prepared to get up and complete their workout first thing in the morning. I interviewed three people and found that the pain points were: not a lot of free time to workout, not motivated to get up at 5am to workout, and not planning ahead and committing to workouts.


affinity diagramming

I found patterns in the responses from the interviews with an affinity diagram. They all expressed the difficulties of completing their workouts.


I drew out a storyboard which helped me visualize the current routine of a person getting ready for his or her workout the next morning. I imagined the person to create a list of things to prepare for the workout, breakfast, and the outfit for the rest of the day. I visualized the person using the alarm app to wake him or her up.

prototyping + iterations

I envisioned reminders, checklists, an alarm, and a timer all in one app. I created paper prototypes to test the usability and got useful feedback where the app was unclear or confusing. I was able to fix these issues in between testing and got better feedback from the following users.